Wednesday, 7 November 2007

November 7th

Heard the news that there was a bomb in Baghlan yesterday . Had planned to drive back to Kabul that way and visit school nearby but will now have to fly down from Kunduz. Jane-from SCA - now stranded Kabul as cannot drive up to meet me and flight up cancelled. Hopefully she will get here later this week.
A FREEZING night ...never been so cold. Ended up at 4a.m with 2 pairs trousers,3 jumpers and a jacket on and still freezing . Never been so pleased to see the light of day! Now off to clinics


shamilton said...

hope it is not as cold tonight. Mum tells me you will be out of contact range for a few days so good luck; we are all thinking about you...S

David Pemberton said...

Please advise how can we send a blanket to the blog writer? OR perhaps just a suet pudding to put some more weight on her so she keeps warm! Congratulations on a great trip.