Monday, 27 April 2009

Monday 27th April

Sarah has sent me a text to say that all is well, but due to a public holiday the travel plans have been changed.....

She will travel to Mashad on Sunday and visit Jari Shah Baba today (Monday). On Tuesday she will travel to Zouhruddin, stay in the village overnight and visit the school the following day (Wednesday).

On Thursday she will visit CRDC Taloquan (newly twinned with Mary Hare) and RAD Kunduz, (twinned with Arbour Vale).
She will also try to visit Sari Sang.

Communication is likely to be restricted to text for the next few days, so the earliest I will be able to update the blog with pictures and text will be Wednesday.

I will post any other news as soon as I get it ..... Paula

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