Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday 26th April - Taloquan

A memorable morning at School for Deaf abnd Disabled in Taloqan. 45 children. Mary Hare School had made some wonderful interactive games for them and we had a fantastic time playing with the children. A giant farmyard with stick on animals brought so much pleasure and was used to teach the children .. and us...sign language for each animal. Puppets made by the UK children were used for a puppet show with the girls and I have never heard so much laughter.

We then ran an Olympic Games morning. We did competitions in football and volleyball for the boys and skipping for the girls and presented medals. We used a giant parachute to play games. Because none of them speaks, all the games were silent other than the squeals of laughter. A truly happy morning. We finished with a party with all the drinks I bought en route to the school and a huge bag of sweets brought by Pat.

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