Monday, 17 October 2011

13th October - From Faiabad to Worsaj

Drove from Faizabad to Worsaj, a spectacular route into the Hindu Kush. Stopped along the way to meet Mukhtar, our guide for the visit, and to have a picnic breakfast in the mountains. Rugs and carpets were laid out and we had tea and fresh local pears overlooking the river below. Arrival to School built by AC a few years back for 1100 girls.

They were all out waiting for us, long columns of girls of every age, some in burkhas, most in white scarves. As we got out of the cars, the head master greeted us and then boomed instructions out over his megaphone. The girls all clapped and as we walked through the pathway of cheering faces, some came out from the crowds and put garlands over our heads and gave us bunches of plastic flowers. We greeted every one of them...they had been waiting for 3 hours for us. Then had to give speeches and a choir came and sang the traditional welcome songs for us.

(student enjoying receiving a pencil gift from 10x10 in the classroom)

The purpose of this visit is to see the schools and the Worsaj Education Project in action and also to talk to girls about how education has changed their lives. Mukhtar had asked girls to write in their stories if they were interested in taking part and we were given their letters to read. They were so moving.
The first girl we visited who had written in was N.... We walked through the villages to get to her house. Still always struck by the beauty of this place, however often I visit; it never fails to make an impression. Hard to describe what it feels like to walk through these villages, on dusty pathways between the high adobe walls, past wooden doorways, streams, children collecting water, men on donkeys or donkeys carrying vast loads, women in burkhas.

More blog coming soon, when Sarah’s internet access is up and running.

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