Friday, 10 October 2014

A last minute reprieve...

We checked in to UN for the 2pm flight only to be told that the weather was again against us and we would delay to see if it improved. Meanwhile the skies over Kabul grew dark and heavy and it seemed we would never fly.The entire waiting  room was praying to their various gods to clear the skies over Faizabad! With just 15 minutes to go before cancellation, they said they would give it a go but could not guarantee landing.

The whole way there I looked down on to a thick carpet of cloud and feared the worst. But as we approached Faizabad, there was a small opening in the clouds and we saw the runway and as we touched down, we erupted into applause...a miracle! The trip was saved. Haji and Quaduz were waiting as they have been every time over the last years of travel and it was so great to see them and to be back in Faizabad. 
The sun was setting over snow capped mountains and  it was too late to drive to Worsaj, so we are staying in a guest house overlooking the river. Perfectly bizarre... we are the only guests in this echoing, elaborate building which comes complete with cavernous wedding hall. It is all very ornate and very cold... not quite what I had expected and a far cry from the village houses!

Supper with the drivers in a huge dining hall in which we felt rather small and lost. Tomorrow at last to Worsaj.

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Jamie Jamieson-Black said...

Good Luck Sarah, Team JJB is reading your blog. You are fantastic and we are right behind you.