Friday, 23 March 2007

Back in Afghanistan

we are exhausted after 2 days travelling with no sleep but so happy to be here in Kabul.
Travelling with Miles Amoore ,from Newbury Weekly News and David Pemberton . Arrived in Kabul to beautiful blue sky and snow capped mountains and NO LOST LUGGAGE. Walked around Kabul and through the famous Sharinaw Park--once famous for its manicured lawns and roses . Now it is an area of baked mud full of people playing games and relaxing in the sunshine . All kinds of wares for sale ,stalls selling tea and kebabs. We were followed by swarms of children wherever we went .
Leave tomorrow for the North where internet access may prover difficult. Heading off at 6 over Shomali Plains ,up towards the Hindu Kush and through one of the highest tunnels in the world--The Salang Tunnel. There is deep snow up there. Hoping to visit Shar-i-Khona School built with Marshall Wace Christmas Appeal funds and twinned to Downe House .Then on to Taloquan for the night.

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