Monday, 26 March 2007

Toot Mazar School

Visit to Toot Mazar School, twinned with Bradfield School. Early start from Taloqan. Stop at a Kuchi camp on the way. These are the nomadic people of Afghanistan. They move across the country with their camels, horses and goats and live in tents. Drive on through dramatic country side and vast rock formations and off road trough mud walled villages towards the school. Narrow dirt tracks lined with donkeys, carts and children, scenes which seem unchanged since Biblical times. Women sit huddled at the side of the track shrouded in their Burkhas.

We arrive at the school and are so impressed A beautifully kept building with newly planted trees and roses and a football and volleyball pitch. All children studying indoors at desks apart from 3 classes out in tents. Very dedicated headmaster who has been at the school for 30 years. Had wonderful day The kids are amazing and love all the gifts and cards from Bradfield. All letters have been translated into Dari and give a wonderful insight into life for students at Bradfield. One Bradfield student has made a CD of all his favourite music and we play it to kids and caused great hilarity.
Lunch in the headmaster's house in the village where Jane and I meet his wife and dauhters. Give out all football team strips and balls and volley ball kit too. David runs a football match and we watch 44 boys playing football out in the sun . Great gift from Bradfield! Walk around the bazaars at dusk followed by the usual crowds of children.

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