Monday, 13 October 2008

The beginning of trip number 12!

Posted by Paula after dropping Sarah at Heathrow on Monday morning!

Still not packed up and its very late. In the hall 3 computers and 3 bags of cricket kit, as well as a box full of gifts for the twin schools await collection by a wonderful company which is flying it to Kabul for us free of charge where I will meet it! Yet more good will.

Set off at 5am tomorrow (Monday 13th October) and will reach Kabul on Tuesday morning. Carrying bags full of the most wonderful gifts and letters and projects from the UK schools for their twin schools. Also Wellington Bear - given to me by Home Farm Pre Prep school… they would like me to take photos of him all through my travels and so he will feature in each blog I hope. His first visit to Afghanistan and my 12th. Security much worse this visit and so travels will be restricted to Kabul and the North, but I will meet teachers and students from all our twin schools as they will travel to Kabul and Kunduz to meet us.

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