Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Kabul - but luggage still in transit - 14th October

More pictures will follow when the ether and electricity allow them to be sent from Kabul - perhaps they too are lost in transit .... see below!

Arrived safe in Kabul after a traumatic journey from Dubai. I was up before 4 and waited in line for hours before I was finally checked in to Kam Air - and only then did they send the message to transfer my baggage, despite the fact I arrived over 12 hours previously. The joy which lit this chaos was that I suddenly realised that the man beside me in the queue was part of the Afghan cricket team - quite unbelievable! He knew who I was and a few of the team recognised me from my last visit when I brought them some cricket kit.
My son Alex has managed to persuade the MCC to fund our cricket projects in Afghanistan. One of our ideas is to hold cricket camps across the country and give coaching to our twin school kids. The Afghan team have agreed to help us. They are en route to Kabul from Tanzania having won the League 4 (I think) Championship and in their hands is the magnificent trophy. So, I grabbed a few seconds before the transfer bus and took photos of Home Farm's travelling Wellington Bear with the cricket trophy and will meet up with the team again in Kabul.

Joy quickly melted as I realised on landing that my luggage was missing - should have guessed and so so depressing. Just pray it will come tomorrow in time for my meetings with all the schools. So will now have to borrow various items of clothing to wear to the Embassy !! All very very frustrating ... but just great to be back in Afghanistan.

I was greeted by the wonderful Gul Noor who looked after me in the Taliban times and prepared me delicious food when I returned from Afghanistan under the Taliban, a stone lighter than when I left.

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